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Serendipitous Geek Culture

The following advertisement just came through my inbox via a mailing list at work. This is one of those treasured moments when I realize how awesome it is to work at Microsoft. Want to build the world’s weirdest fort? I have 1000 empty Lemon-Lime Talking Rain cans in my
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Build 2015: My first //Build

Over the course of time I've worked for and with a great many enterprises. Some public, some private, some "key players", some "boutique" -- almost every one of those collaborations was driven by a purpose: A project to complete, software to write, a device to build
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AllJoyn 101: Getting Started with AllJoyn

I just returned from giving a talk at the Linux Foundations Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose. It was an excellent event with very good information working in the embedded space, and it didn't just cover Linux, but also more general embedded tooling including tizin and AllJoyn. There was also
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This is not your dads PowerPoint

This week at Mobile World Congress 2015 (in Barcelona), the AllSeen Alliance invited me to give a talk on Open Sourcing the User Experience for the Internet of Things. In order to drive the message home (that the software and supporting infrastructure for the Internet of Things is going to
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