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Ivan R. Judson

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24 Months

It's been 24 months since I've written a blog post -- in blog time that means nothing has happened for 2 years. That couldn't be further from the truth. Instead of a recap of the past 24 months, I'll share the amazing, exciting, awesome things that are happening now or
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Fitness Fun

I've been running lately. I used to deny being a runner. I hated running. Running was boring. It also hurt to breathe. And my legs. Oi! Now that I've been running for a couple of months regularly, breathing is easier. My legs still hurt, but it might have more to
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Hacking ESP8266's

I heard about ESP8266's from a friend at Google last year; I'd seen noise about them but hadn't paid any attention. Then what he said caught my attention -- using standard batteries we can make them run months, maybe more. I started trying to come up with a good reason
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ThingsExpo 2015 -

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking at ThingsExpo. I was asked by the great folks at The Linux Foundation and their AllJoyn Framework. Here's a link to my talk, Building IoT Devices with AllJoyn. The talk happened as the last talk of the day in the technical track, I
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