I attended college at Northeastern in Boston, where I had the fortune to work with outstanding faculty who wisely directed my academic career in Computer Science and well supported my transition into the workforce. I will always be thankful for John Casey, Viera Proulx, Bryant York, and Cindy Brown.

Through Northeastern’s Cooperative Education program, I worked at Thinking Machines Corporation, MITRE, and served as the system administrator for "Scout," the research Connection Machine at the Laboratory for Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For ten years, I managed advanced networking and experimental systems at Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago. I received a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois, Chicago.

Most recently, I recruited and built teams of developers for Webfilings (now Workiva), a business reporting and regulatory compliance company. I worked at Montana State University, where I built support for academic and research computing and taught undergrad and masters level courses. I completed a PhD in Computer Science (2013) at Montana State University, "Algorithmic Aspects of Resource Allocation in Cognitive Wireless Networks". I spent a year working on the CodaLab before joining Microsoft's DX (Developer Experience) team.

For those who need to cut and paste a bio for an event, here's a version designed just for that:

Ivan R. Judson is a Senior Engineer in the Strategic Engagements team at Microsoft. While at Argonne National Laboratory he built high performance computing systems, large format projection displays, and advanced collaborative workspaces. At Montana State University he taught undergraduate and graduate Computer Science and created the Research Computing Group to consolidate, stabilize, and productionize compute and data management services for the $100M research enterprise. He left the university to open an office for Workiva (formerly Webfilings) in Bozeman, MT recruiting 40 of the top developers in the area and establishing five product teams. Ivan has also worked in wireless and mesh technology, earning his Doctorate for work in Resource Allocation Algorithms in Cognitive Wireless Networks. Ivan's current focus is in Mesh Networking, Edge Computing and the Internet of Things, with a focus on connecting devices and extracting actionable knowledge from the data through Machine Learning. Ivan is an avid flyfisher, searching for blue ribbon fishing everywhere he goes.